In addition to verifying an individualĀ“s identity by screening their personal details against a wealth of data sets, Contego also allows users to gain further confidence in identity claims through its document check feature. Users are able to upload Passports, Driving licenses, Travel Visas, Biometric Residence Permits, ID cards and other Identity documents to check their validity. Contego then extracts data from these documents, verifies the information, and displays the results of this check in our simple to use interface. All within 2-3 minutes.

Contego has added new functionality to this process that will now screen ID documents against fraud intelligence data, which is only available through a few carefully selected companies. This new added level of data base checking will enhance customer due diligence, and give users a competitive advantage in risk and compliance processes. To find out more about how Contego can help your ID verification contact:

or call: 01235 375 000