The airline, Ryanair, won a civil court case after appealing against fines imposed by the Home Office for carrying illegal immigrants into the UK. The High Court judge ruled that the airline check-in staff could not be culpable for detecting expertly-forged passports that even a trained immigration officer would find difficult to recognise.

Although the ruling is not binding on other courts, the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) now believes the ruling could effect the Government’s ability to enforce its ‘Right to Rent’ policy.

However, whether a landlord or letting agent has been deceived by a forged or counterfeit document is not the issue; landlords and letting agents will face serious repercussions if they do not perform Right to Rent checks correctly. Non-compliance with Right to Rent legislation is a sure way to land yourself in trouble.

Contego can help ensure compliance. Contego is a due diligence platform that checks people, companies and ID documents in real-time. We are supporting the property sector and tenant referencing industry by performing detailed checks on individuals, including ID document verification, and helping them comply with Right to Rent legislation.

"The legislation may be up for scrutiny, but the penalties will still be enforced. Contego automates the Right to Rent process and helps ensure compliance."- Richard Ingles, Head of Client Development.