The Home Office has recently published guidance notes on biometric residence permits (BRPs), due to their increase in use. Robert Drake, Director and Founder at Pesava, has written a very insightful LinkedIn Pulse article that summarises recent Home Offices guidance for employer’s who are presented with a BRP by a potential employee.

The guidance suggests that an employer should do the following checks when an employee or potential employee presents them with a BRP to ensure it is genuine:

  • Examine the Permit – to check if it is clean and in good condition
  • Check the Permit Number - which is displayed on the front of the permit in the top right hand corner. The number should begin with two letters followed by seven numbers. The number should not be raised.
  • Check the Holder’s Image - this should always be in grey-scale
  • Check the Tactile Feature(on the back of the BRP) - the back of the BRP should have a raised design, which incorporates the four national flowers of the UK
  • Feel the Permit - it should be thicker than a photocard driving licence
  • Check the Biographical Details - 
  • Check the Immigration Conditions - which are shown on the front and back of the permit

For more infor please read the LinkedIn post.