For Westfield shopping centres, security and safety are a top priority. As a trusted partner, Westfield has extended Contego's service to conduct pre-employment and pre-entry checks on all personnel for both its White City and Stratford malls: this includes retail employees, contractors and other visitors that request access to secure areas within the company’s shopping centres.

The problem

Screening checks take a considerable amount of time and effort to undertake, including extensive manual entry of an applicant’s personal data by Westfield’s security team. The company needed a technology solution that would streamline the capture of individual’s data as well as conduct the checks associated with pre-entry screening.

Westfield turned to Contego to screen employees & contractors

Contego provides Westfield with a customised application form that allows the company to transfer the entry of data from the security team to the individuals requesting secure access. In real-time, Contego receives data submitted via the online application form and performs a series of checks to verify the applicant’s identity and identify risk factors. Once Contego completes the checks, it delivers a pass/fail result with data delivered back into the management console for Westfield’s review.

Contego allows Westfield to remove manual data entry from the security team’s list of responsibilities, without compromising the accuracy and integrity of the checks applicants undergo. Today, Contego’s solution allows Westfield to issue security passes to employees, retail staff, and contractors with confidence, reducing the administrative burden and improving operational efficiency.

Please download the full case study at the bottom of this article.