The property sector is constantly evolving and bringing with it new technologies and innovations, which directly impact on how businesses operates. The emergence of PropTech has brought a degree of disruption to the property market as it seeks to change the traditional infrastructure of the property industry with a greater emphasis placed on customer experiences and service. However, both traditional and Proptech companies need to keep up with ever changing regulations which can often mean more stringent compliance checks and increased due diligence, particularly in regards to Money Laundering and ‘Right to Rent’ checks.  

Contego can help both the traditional estate and letting agents, and Proptech companies, simplify and improve the customer onboarding process by taking the pain out of the regulatory background checks that need to be conducted. Our due diligence platform checks people, companies and ID documents in real-time, allowing our clients to make informed choices, based on rigorous and comprehensive data.

By working with a wide range of commercial data suppliers and law enforcement agencies, Contego’s breadth of data is greater than that offered by any single data supplier, and all of the data is available in one system, delivered via a single API. We provide a comprehensive, holistic view of people, companies and ID Documents.

Through the automation of processes, we can help your business to eliminate potential errors and reduce costs. These real-time checks can also speed up and streamline procedures. As PropTech services gain momentum, we can help with customer onboarding, identity verification and fraud reduction, running real-time checks on individuals and companies.

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