Money laundering is a major problem within the property sector and London has a particularly bad reputation as a haven for dirty money. That is why the recent Criminal Finances Bill’s introduction of the ‘unexplained wealth order’ comes as no surprise.

The Serious Fraud Office, HM Revenue and Customs and other agencies will be able to apply to the High Court for an order forcing the owner of an asset to explain how they obtained the funds to purchase it. Hundreds of British properties suspected of belonging to corrupt politicians, tax evaders and criminals could be seized by enforcement agencies under tough new laws.

It is clear that the property industry needs to start taking proactive steps to minimise the risk of money laundering activity.  Estate Agents want to protect, indeed enhance, their reputation in the highly competitive property market. Forward-thinking firms are introducing best practice fraud reduction and due diligence solutions, in recognition that proactive efforts to reduce fraudulent and money laundering activity will improve their market reputation.

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