In an increasingly global world, the need for international data has never been so great. Firms operating on a global scale must demonstrate robust compliance processes, ensuring that each international territory has sufficient management oversight and that AML requirements are being adhered to.

However, you do not have to be a multi-national company to do international checks.

With a suggested 40% of Londoners born outside of the UK, and nine London boroughs having a majority of residents born overseas ONS [Source], it is essential to not only check UK nationals and UK companies, but also international clients, no matter where they are based.

A recent report published on The Telegraph from David Barret, Home Affairs Correspondent, discussed a new analysis of the latest ONS data, published last summer, which details the areas of London where more than half of the population was born overseas.

“Analysis of latest ONS data, published last summer, showed nine boroughs now have more than half their population born overseas, with Brent, in north-west London, the highest at 65.1 per cent.

It was followed by Newham, in east London, at 63.3 per cent and Kensington and Chelsea, in West London, third with 63.2 per cent.”

Here at Contego, we are responding to increasing demands for more international data. The number of customers that are requesting this data has posed a major challenge for the data industry. 

However, at Contego we are continually building an extensive jigsaw puzzle of international records on individuals and companies and we provide a global service for verifying identity documents.

With access now to over 3 billion records of individuals, stretching across more than 100 markets, Contego have the ability to automate seamlessly International Checks quickly and efficiently.

Contego also have access to various commercial data providers, covering over 25 markets in Europe, as well as access to the USA. We can access lots of different data from general company information, to directors, shareholders and ownership structure, as well as recent appointments and events.

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